The Bleeding Horizon

“I’ll go as far as I need to and as high as I want, even if it means tearing through time and space so we can be together”

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In the world’s most sophisticated skyscraper on the island city of Galatea, people are taking blind ambition to a whole new level.

Newly-crowned leader Augusta Maars rises from the dead to start a war she can’t win. Out-of-his-depth client journalist Max Relpek is dazzled by his own beauty. Starstruck student-with-a-secret Zayden Nero can’t bear to look into his past. And red rocket Alexis Straker’s been seeing Martian mist ever since she was fired.

Now it’s the day after the election and these towering egos need to watch their steps to stay alive, as sinister forces human and artificial conspire to drive them all over the edge.

The smartest will be those who learn to look down and deep within. For something truly out of this world is making its way to the top, and everyone’s vision will be getting a little stranger…

In his thrilling second novel, Philip Parrish crafts a mind-bending story of art, adventure, automation and the distances people go in pursuit of power – and in the name of love.

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